My values

"My goal is to create original and special designs that stand out"

All pieces of jewelry are handmade creations by Emmanuela Alevizopoulou or a special selection from her. We only take photos of the originals, many of which cannot be reproduced if natural materials were used in manufacture that cannot be found in the same shape or texture. The pieces that can be reproduced are faithful to the original to a good degree - but of course it is not possible that the pieces are identical to the original.

So each of our pieces is unique!

Even if the design is the same, the careful observer will discover many differences in the details.

"By wearing the jewelry, we want to express our thoughts and feelings and celebrate our uniqueness with them"

Through many years of experience in jewelry making, experimenting with new and advanced techniques and knowing the properties and origins of the materials used, Emmanuela has managed to express herself through her creations. Your jewelry is an expression of your thoughts and feelings. When the things we choose to wear match our psyche and mentality, when they have a story to tell, our outfit is complete and becomes a key element of our personality. Our ring, our pin, our earrings tell something about us without words.

"I believe that the most beautiful things are hidden in simplicity. That's why I don't think twice before I start designing a new piece. I often don't even make a drawing ... I just pick up my tools and trust my instincts "

It's strange, but the inspiration for the most successful designs comes from everyday life and subjects of nature. The designs strive to be original and simple and have high aesthetic value, but at the same time exude familiarity and warmth. The bond that we often feel to things we carry arises from their directness and our identification with them. Emmanuela creates each piece in the hope that someone will love it. That is why she creates with her soul rather than with her hands. After all, the greatest artistic creations spring from a deeper part of us that is beyond the reach of cognitive thinking.

"I try to create affordable jewelry in the hope that it will be invaluable to you"

Emmanuela doesn't believe that handcrafted jewelry should be expensive just because it cannot be reproduced in large quantities. Everything that a person makes with their hands is unique and its assessment is always subjective. For some it is a masterpiece, for others it is just another construction.

When it comes to jewelry, the most important thing is that there are people who want and can wear it. That is why Emmanuela prefers a realistic and humble approach when determining the value of her works, even if they are invaluable to her personally!

In addition, the Internet in general and in particular give her the opportunity to come into direct contact with her customers. Therefore, the pieces are not overpriced for commercial profit and remain in the low price segment - and accessible to everyone!

"After giving shape to a piece that I have imagined and designed in my head, I mostly feel like a small child. I show it to everyone and I feel great joy when I can see it in his or her eyes that they are By making jewelry that people like, I am fulfilling a childhood dream. For me, the greatest reward is to see happy people wearing one of my creations or giving it to a loved one! "