My Story

For me it is the best reward to see happy people wearing one of my creations or giving it to a loved one!

I was born in Athens, Greece in 1984 and discovered my artistic nature at a young age, which at the time was focused on painting and various craft activities. As a teenager, I realized that in the process of making jewelry, I could combine my creative skills with my love of beauty and elegance, and create pieces that were usable, long-lasting, and of real value. So I decided to study the art of jewelry making. At the same time, I began to work as an assistant in one of the most important workshops for handmade silver jewelry in my city, where I gained considerable experience and learned the secrets and techniques of silversmithing at the side of a successful artisan.

Today, after 4 years of studying at the silversmith school and 18 years of experience as an assistant and artisan, I am striving to create my own success story.

My workshop and shop are located at Gymnasiou 15, Nea Chalkidona, Thessaloniki, Greece. Here you can find all the pieces on display in my e-shop and learn something about their design, the manufacturing techniques and the materials used. You can also place individual orders and even draw your own design with my help!

I believe that everything that a person makes with their hands is unique and its evaluation is always subjective. For some it is a masterpiece, for others it is just another construction.

When it comes to jewelry, the most important thing is that there are people who want and can wear it. That's why I prefer a realistic and humble approach when determining the value of my works, even if they are invaluable to me personally! After giving shape to a piece that I imagined and designed in my head, I mostly feel like a little kid. I show it to everyone and I feel great joy when I can see in his or her eyes that they like the piece. By making jewelry that people like, I am fulfilling a childhood dream. The best reward for me is to see happy people wearing one of my creations or giving it to a loved one!